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The RadKid.Org blog is a new feature. Over the years, we have received letters from time to time from parents of children with reactive attachment disorder, from school professionals, therapists, and even from people who believe that they may suffer from attachment disorder themselves.

I reply to some of these letters, but I don’t have all the answers and sometimes I don’t have the necessary time to do the research required to come up with a useful response. Others I have saved, intending to respond to them later; and in many cases, I have not done so.

I do understand the desperation that lies behind some of the letters that I have received, for it is the same as that which led my wife and I to read several books on the subject, attend conferences and seminars, and to drive many hours each week in search of someone who might be able to help us.

For this reason, I’ve been reluctant to respond to emails with canned replies that don’t really answer the significant questions that were presented. But perhaps that would have been better than nothing.

What I hope to do with the blog is to use it to reply to some of the questions, and pleas for assistance, in a more public way, so as to be able to answer even those who have not written, but may be living with similar questions and circumstances, and to do so in such a manner that respects the privacy concerns of those who have written us.

In doing so, I will be replying to some of the letters that I have saved over the past few years, and interspersing them with any new ones that I may receive, giving precedence to more recent correspondence.

A significant benefit to using a blog format is that this will permit those of you who may be ever so much smarter than me, more experienced, and who have the right answers, to join in to correct me when I am wrong, or to provide additional information.

-- ken

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